PDH Classes from Fluid Handling

PDH classes available from Fluid Handling.

We have posted our spring class schedule on our website, so whether you want to learn for learning’s sake or to log PDH hours for your PE re-certification per the new Wisconsin standards, here is your chance!  Courses are offered in our classroom, which has many operational displays.  Complete course descriptions appear on the website.  Briefly, the courses titles are:

 Survey Series

  • #110, Hydronic System and Equipment Overview
  • #120, Solar Thermal Overview
  • #130, Designing Piping Systems to Accommodate Thermal Expansion

Pump Series

  • #140, Centrifugal Pumps: Theory of Operation, Construction, Styles and Types
  • #150, Defining Pump Requirements: Calculating Flow and Head (Includes Hydronic Pipe Sizing Methods)
  • #160, Selecting and Balancing the Pump
  • #170, Advanced Pumping Topics
  • #180 Cooling Tower Pumping and Remote Tower Sump Design

Hydronic System Series

  • #190, System Pressurization and Air/Dirt Control
  • #200, Piping Arrangements for Hydronic Systems

For complete information and to register, go to www.fluidh.com and click on the Classes/Clinics Tab (fifth tab from the left).  In the third paragraph on this page, you will find a “click HERE” to take you to a registration form.   If you have specific questions, call our instructor, Bill Armstrong on his cell phone at 414-349-6660, or email him at billarm@fluidh.com.

If you are coming from a distance, you may want to take more than one course at a time.  If so, let us know and Bill just might set up something for you as a “special deal.”