2018 Upcoming Distinguished Lectures

January 2018 Program

Dru Crawley will be presenting the topic of “Trends: Buildings, Technologies and Tools”

The buildings touted today as ‘net-zero energy’ or ‘sustainable’ would not be possible without energy simulation—but no single simulation tool can model all aspects of our buildings today. This presentation provides an overview of trends and drivers affecting the building industry as well as the simulation tools of tomorrow.

 February 2018 Program

Jim Coogan will be presenting the topic of “ASHRAE Guideline 36P: High Performance Sequences of Operation”

The controls community in ASHRAE aims to improve HVAC operation and building automation by developing a new guideline for specifying the sequence of operation.

 March 2018 Program

Wei Sun, P.E. will be presenting the topic of “Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air Handling Systems Design Strategies for Controlled Environments”

Cleanrooms, especially for ISO Class 6 or cleaner, often have unique airflow load for HVAC systems: in addition to meet heating and cooling loads, they also need to meet dilution load, the airflow rate versus cooling ratio could be much higher than those for general-purpose rooms. To meet these characteristics, multiple air handling systems are often used which allows higher flow/cooling ratio than a single unit can handle. Design engineers need to establish special air-systems configurations based on load characteristic in order to achieve the required indoor environmental conditions.

 April 2018 Program

Charles E. Gulledge will be presenting the topic of “Integrated Building Design”

The quest of successfully providing a truly integrated building design (IBD) continues to challenge our industry and the built world.  This program looks at these challenges, identifies barriers to success, and explores solutions to promote and achieve holistic IBD.