ASHRAE Seminar: Building Energy Quotient Training

IMPORTANT NOTE: This event has been changed to a 2-day Seminar on both March 6th and 7th.

The Wisconsin Chapter of ASHRAE Presents:
Energy Conservation / bEQ Training Program

 Seminar Location: J.F. Ahern
3201 Canal St.

Time: March 6 & 7, 2014 – 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

ASHRAE Publications & Documentation will be provided by ASHRAE as a part of the seminar registration fee – downloadable information will be provided by ASHRAE for all seminar registrants.

  • Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits
  • ASHRAE Standard 100 (latest edition)
  • bEQ “In Operation” Procedures and Forms

The agenda for March 6th will be:

  1. “Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits”
    1. Energy Audit Levels of Effort & Processes
      1. Preliminary Energy-Use Analysis
      2. Level 1 – Walk-Through Analysis
      3. Level 2 – Energy Survey & Engineering Analyses
      4. Level 3 – Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications
    2. Measurement & Instrumentation Requirements
    3. Engineering Analyses
      1. Energy Calculations Methodologies
      2. Economic Evaluations/Investment-Grade Criteria
  2. “ASHRAE Standard 100”
    1. Energy Efficiency Measures
      1. Building Envelope
      2. HVAC Systems
      3. Building Automation & Controls Systems
      4. Refrigeration Systems
      5. Water Systems
      6. Energy Generation & Distribution – Boiler & Chiller Systems
      7. Lighting Systems
    2. Energy Use Analysis & Target Requirements
      1. Energy Intensity Targets
      2. EUI-Multipliers
    3. Operation and Maintenance Requirements
    4. Implementation and Verification Requirements
  3. bEQ “In Operation” Procedures and Forms
    1. General Instructions & Worksheets/Charts
      1. Form 1
      2. Form 2
      3. Form 3
      4. Form 4
      5. Form 5

On March 7th:

A walk-thru Level 1 audit will be conducted with the first day registrants in a small City of Milwaukee facility. The registrants will be divided into at least three teams for the audit and bEQ activities.

After completing the walk-thru, the registrants will complete the various Energy Audit forms, define an energy intensity target, conduct preliminary energy audit calculations, prioritize identified energy conservation measures and prepare an outline Level 1 Energy Audit Report.

The second activity will be completing the various forms, worksheets and charts for bEQ submittal of the City of Milwaukee facility.

The final activity for the registrants will be the completion of a seminar assessment questionnaire.

Please register soon. Seats are limited.

There is a registration fee of $250 that must be paid in advance by check. Contact the chapter president for payment details.