November 2013 Program – Additional Materials

The November 2013 program on VRV w/ DOAS is rapidly approaching. Please find links below to supplementary material you can use either as a primer in advance, or as a resource after the meeting.

An introductory presentation is available at  The slides were branded Panasonic, but the material is very generic and should apply to most or all vendors. ASHRAE does try to be as non-commercial as possible.

Below are more options, all more specific.

Toshiba-Carrier VRF by John Peloza
Mitsubishi VRF by Ruben Willmarth
Trane VRF by Paul Solberg
Panasonic VRF by Ryan Hoger
Panasonic VRF by Stacy Gualandi
Panasonic VRF by Stacy Gualandi
SANYO VRF by Stacy Gualandi
Panasonic VRF Install and Service
Mitsubishi VRF
Daikin VRV
VRF by HPAC Magazine