2018 Upcoming Distinguished Lectures

January 2018 Program

Dru Crawley will be presenting the topic of “Trends: Buildings, Technologies and Tools”

The buildings touted today as ‘net-zero energy’ or ‘sustainable’ would not be possible without energy simulation—but no single simulation tool can model all aspects of our buildings today. This presentation provides an overview of trends and drivers affecting the building industry as well as the simulation tools of tomorrow.

 February 2018 Program

Jim Coogan will be presenting the topic of “ASHRAE Guideline 36P: High Performance Sequences of Operation”

The controls community in ASHRAE aims to improve HVAC operation and building automation by developing a new guideline for specifying the sequence of operation.

 March 2018 Program

Wei Sun, P.E. will be presenting the topic of “Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air Handling Systems Design Strategies for Controlled Environments”

Cleanrooms, especially for ISO Class 6 or cleaner, often have unique airflow load for HVAC systems: in addition to meet heating and cooling loads, they also need to meet dilution load, the airflow rate versus cooling ratio could be much higher than those for general-purpose rooms. To meet these characteristics, multiple air handling systems are often used which allows higher flow/cooling ratio than a single unit can handle. Design engineers need to establish special air-systems configurations based on load characteristic in order to achieve the required indoor environmental conditions.

 April 2018 Program

Charles E. Gulledge will be presenting the topic of “Integrated Building Design”

The quest of successfully providing a truly integrated building design (IBD) continues to challenge our industry and the built world.  This program looks at these challenges, identifies barriers to success, and explores solutions to promote and achieve holistic IBD.

November 2017 Program

Distinguished Victor W. Goldschmidt Ph.D.

The Wisconsin Chapter of ASHRAE is proud to announce that on Thursday, November 16th, Victor W. Goldschmidt will be presenting on: “Problem Solving in Engineering”.

The presentation will review different problem-solving techniques, from well defined (textbook-type) problems with a single solution to typical engineering problems with multiple and alternative solutions is discussed. The latter require ideation and free-thinking. Blocks to creativity are presented together with actual examples demonstrating these impediments to problem solving.

Victor W. Goldschmidt, Emeritus Mechanical Engineering Professor, served at Purdue University from 1964 through 2000. He is currently serving as a Leelanau County Planning Commissioner as well as a facilitator and engineering consultant. During his 36 years at Purdue University, Mr. Goldschmidt was responsible for educating mechanical engineering students, including the direction of graduate research in the HVAC area. Most of his service with graduate students was with the Ray W. Herrick Laboratories with heavy support from the HVAC industries. During early stages of his career, he served as Director of the Engineering Purdue Fellows in Latin America; during later stages he served as department head for Freshman Engineering. Prior to his academic involvement, he worked in Applications Engineering and Development Engineering with Honeywell. Mr. Goldschmidt has taught almost every course in thermal sciences offered at Purdue, as well as a special upper level technical course on the “Creative Process in Engineering.” He is trained as a Synectics (special brainstorming) facilitator and is currently engaged in the development of strategic plans and problem solving sessions. A past ASHRAE Director-at-Large, he also has served as a member of Publishing and Technology Councils. He is an ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award recipient and Fellow, as well as Honorary Member of IIR, ACAIRE, ASURVAC and AAF. He resides in North Michigan, above Traverse City.

Registration is below. Currently, the location & venue for the event are being arranged. An email notification will be sent to all WI Chapter email subscribers prior to the event.


November 16, 2017
4:30 – 6:00 PM – Registration & Networking
6:00 PM – Dinner & Presentation



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Job Posting: Miller Engineering – Mechanical Engineer

Miller Engineering – Mechanical Engineer

Miller Engineering is seeking an experienced and client-focused HVAC Design Engineer for commercial and Mission Critical projects.

The position would involve design development through construction-phase support, coordination with multiple disciplines and clients, and providing innovative solutions.

The Miller Engineering job listing with a complete description of the position can be found under the CONTACT section of the website here.

2017 Brewers Outing

2017 Chapter Social Outing: Milwaukee Brewers  vs. St Louis Cardinals

Finally, the Brewers are in a pennant race in August.  Come out and enjoy baseball and a great networking event!

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 at 1:10pm

Pregame at Kelly’s Bleachers starting at 11:00am

The Milwaukee ASHRAE chapter is picking up the cost of the tickets, food, and drink at Kelly’s.  We have 75 tickets.  They will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Please email: Mike Anderson to reserve your tickets.

Job Posting: MATC Mechanical Engineer

MATC is looking for a mechanical engineer with HVAC design experience with a heavy emphasis on energy efficiency.

In the position, the individual may be involved with design and will definitely be developing and/or coordinating design specifications, bidding, managing construction projects, making sure sustainability and conservation is integrated into and maintained in every project. The ultimate goal is to help drive MATC toward net zero carbon.

The MATC job listing with a complete description of the position can be found here.

It would be appreciated if applicants note that they were directed to this position via this posting during the application process.